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  • 2-31-19 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014
Date of EstablishmentSeptember 1986
Our Service
  • 1.Adenium Series condominium development, planning, design, and sales
  • 2.Leased real estate development, planning, design, and property management
  • 3.Other businesses
Paid-in Capital100 Million yen
End of Accounting PeriodMar
  • Haseko Real Estate Development Holdings Inc.
Satoshi Amano
Director and Senior Operating Officer
Takeshi Matsumoto
Director and Senior Operating Officer
Satoru Toyooka
Director and Operating Officer
Nobuo Kikuchi
Director and Operating Officer
Kazuyoshi Kuromatsu
Outside Director
Keijiro Sekioka
Outside Director
Fumiaki Kosuda
Outside Director
Syuichi Goto
Operating Officer
Shoji Hamamoto
Operating Officer
Osamu Ogura
Operating Officer
Hideyuki Suzuki
Corporate Auditor
Makoto Amada
Corporate Auditor*
Takashi Hora
* Indicates an outside corporate auditor as provided for in Article 2-16 of the Companies Act
Number of Employees63(As of Apr. 1, 2018)
LicensesReal Estate Minister of Land,
Infrastructure and Transportation(5)No.5600
Member of
  • Japan Association of Home Suppliers
  • Real Estate Fair Trade Council


1986Sep.Joint Co., Ltd., established to sell and broker real estate in Setagaya City, Tokyo
1987Jan.Acquired real estate license
Mar.Start of condominium sales business
1989Sep.Name changed to Joint Corporation
1990Mar.Head office moved to Meguro City, Tokyo
1992Nov.Start of commission real estate sales business
1994Apr.Start of sales of J-PARK Musashikoyama as the first in the J-PARK series condominiums
1996Apr.Start of real estate leasing business
1999Jan.Established Joint Land Co., Ltd. (currently Haseko Real Estate Development Holdings Inc.)
2000 Start of sales of Adenium Umegaoka JP as the first in the Adenium series condominiums
Jun.Established Joint Rent Co., Ltd. (currently Joint Property Co., Ltd.)
Oct.Acquired the shares of L Kakuei Corp (currently Haseko Real Estate Development Holdings Inc.) to make it a subsidiary of the company
2001  Start of income property development business
2005Apr.Unified the condominium brands into the Adenium series
2008Apr.L Kakuei Corp. and Joint Land Co.,Ltd. are merged, and then, changed corporate name to Joint Residential Fudosan Co.,Ltd.
2010Jun.Head office moved to Minato City, Tokyo
2012May.TPG Capital takes a stake in the company, which becomes a member of the TPG Group
2013Dec.Head office moved to Shibuya City, Tokyo
2014Oct.Established Yokohama sales office
2015Dec.HASEKO Corporation and FUJIKENSETSU CO.,LTD. take a 100% stake, which become a member of "HASEKO Group"

Development For Condominiums

The condominium business is the company’s core business and we focus on quality and being responsible to provide product plans that match the market and customer needs to offer our customers with housing that provides relief, comfort, and refinement. We also offer full after-sales service to strive daily to improve the quality of the Adenium condominium series and provide good-quality housing.
Development For Condominiums
We aim to provide housing that becomes an urban oasis. With this in mind, we have selected Adenium for our condominium brand name. Adenium is the first part of the Latin name for the “Desert Rose”. Our mission is to create a living space that promotes emotional “Healing” and “Refreshment” of the people living there.
Development For Condominiums
We have supplied approximately 46,000 units mainly in the Metropolitan Tokyo 供給実績地図

Development For Condominiums

For our income property development business, as a developer we serve as a bridge between investors with real estate and the tenants using the real estate to maximize the real estate investment value and usage value. We use the planning and development capability fostered in our condominium business to develop rental apartments by selecting very convenient locations and focusing on building plans that meet the needs of the areas to provide a lifestyle of daily comfort and refinement to users who want to flexibly enjoy city life. Further, our commercial facilities and office development are mainly expanded into Metropolitan Tokyo while as a real estate developer we focus on diversity toe xpand business without limiting the area or development menu.
Development For Condominiums
    • ウィンザーハウス元麻布
    • スペーシア恵比寿Ⅱ
    • スペーシア麻布十番Ⅰ・Ⅱ
    • スペーシア三軒茶屋Ⅱ
    • スぺーシア目黒不動前
    • スペーシア銀座
    • スペーシア大井仙台坂
    • スペーシア川崎Ⅲ
    • スペーシア目黒タワー
    • スペーシア浪速日本橋
    • スペーシア東別院WEST
    • スペーシア梅屋敷
Development For Condominiums
    • 賃貸マンション
    • スペーシア麻布十番Ⅰ
    • フィットエル森下
    • スペーシア梅屋敷
    • 賃貸マンション
    • スペーシア麻布十番Ⅰ
    • フィットエル森下
    • スペーシア梅屋敷

Development For Condominiums

To strengthen our business foundation and financial fundamentals were operate income property that we have developed or acquired over the medium and long-term to provide a stable income.
The management experience we gain from our own properties leads to improved know-how in our income property development business and contributes to strengthening our development capability, which is the foundation of a real estate developer.
Development For Condominiums
    • 賃貸マンション
    • スペーシア麻布十番Ⅰ
    • フィットエル森下
    • スペーシア梅屋敷
    • スペーシア住吉
    • スペーシア栄
    • スペーシア堀田
    • ブランミュールⅠ・Ⅱ
    • 商業施設
    • 浜松プラザスポーツ棟
    • オフィスビル
    • ポイントST

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